Thursday, 17 August 2017

Common Mistakes Volleyball Players Make: Ways to Solve

Any game played for fun or professionally has certain rules and regulations that one has to adhere to. Apart from the rules and regulations not being adhered to, there are a few common mistakes that every game player falls prey to. Even when volleyball rules and regulations are taken into consideration and given the best foot forward, the mistakes he or she makes can’t be ignored. These mistakes are spoilers just like the spoilers before any interesting movie that we have been waiting for. These mistakes can be corrected for a better playing of each of the players.

Four Common Mistakes Volleyball Players Make

1.       Volleyball Drills Mistake: Many teams have a number of drills to perform and they do it no doubt! The loophole is that the drills are done for fun and not any focus towards improving the game. This is performed as a routine. Instead, if the drills are done to improve every player’s core strength, it can be one benefitting action. 

2.       Making Faster Progress: Rome was not built in a day and even volleyball players can’t be forced to perform instantly. If you do so, they will do it for one day. Under the pressure, they might also get demotivated. Take one step at a time. When you reach the perfection in one style, proceed to the next. So, taking it slow is the solution in this case.

3.       Pass not Paid Attention to: Passing the volleyball ball is an integral part of the game. If the players miss doing that appropriately, you might lose the game eventually. The player giving a pass and the player receiving it should have a good eye contact. This skill can be acquired with practice and if the practice isn’t done rigorously, passing at the right timing to the right person may be a great loss for the team.

4.       Making the Block Obvious: The player from the other team is always ready for a block when you smash the ball. We tend to make the mistake of hitting the ball hard towards the person who is ready to block it. That is psychological. This can be a game winning point if not done in an obvious way. Hit the ball towards the player who is on the left, right or behind the blocker. How do you do that? After you learn the blocker of the opponent team through the body language he or she displays as soon as you are ready to hit the ball over the net.

Buying inappropriate volleyball equipment, definitely, is a mistake but it is our preparation and approach in the game that eventually either lets us win the game or lose it. Which side of the court do you want to be in? If these mistakes are not corrected, even the best equipment of volleyball from Cosco also will not help. The choice is yours. Do you want to be a perfect player or a player with imperfections?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Passing the Volleyball - Five Tips to Improve Your Effectiveness

For any game in the world, you need to have the best attributes more than the equipment. Volleyball equipment definitely makes for the aesthetics and making scoring easy but what is equally important is the passing the ball skills. Passing the pall among the team players and helping the striker to hit the ball is the most crucial part of the game. If the ball is not passed tactfully, scoring can be a daunting task.

If you have been playing volleyball for years now and yet haven’t mastered the passing skills, you can learn it right now and regret no more.

How can you actually excel at it?

Volleyball players miss out on the essential part of winning a game and that’s the skills to pass the volleyball ball

You are not too far from acquiring the skills after you go through the tips to improve your effectiveness in the team. 

If you are responsible for passing the ball in the court, you have to swift as a bird. That goes without saying. Apart from this, you have to learn the rhythm at which the team plays and also watch the opponent. You will then move to the next level and that is being an excellent passer.
First of all, you need to have the required skills to be a volleyball passer and those skills are pipeline passing, shuffle steps, toss catch drill and also basket passing drill. With this accomplishment, you are ready for the next steps of making a mark on the team. 

Secondly, keep your eyes on the volleyball net and know when your team is getting the ball back. Timing is absolutely important and that’s how you sensitize your body, arms and hips to take position accordingly. 

Always be ready for the pass. When you are sure that the ball is coming to you for a pass, be ready with the posture that makes your arms and elbows stiff and stable for making a sensible pass. Instead of your head, move your eyes to keep a tab on the movement of the ball.

You should be able to gaze the momentum of the ball. This helps you to relax your arms muscles as quickly as you can and thereby letting you make a pass that is just the right one for your team mate.
A volleyball passer must be a multi-tasker. You can’t just focus on one thing. You have to be ready to pass, change the body posture, maintain an eye contact and communicate through the eyes with your team mates. 

Mastering all these tips, you gain more importance in the team and people. It is the passing skills of the ball that will make a difference and as they say “Practice makes a man perfect”, one has to try repeatedly and continue trying until the perfection is achieved. Don’t worry about the volleyball equipment. You will easily get the top quality ones from sports centric brand like Cosco India. Focus on the playing skills and master the passing skills for contributing to your team’s success.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

How to Play Volleyball - Volleyball Rules and Regulations

Something that comes as easy as playing handball is the game of volleyball. When you go to a beach, beach volleyball is the game that is enjoyed the most with friends and families. It is a simple game that can be played between two people or two groups for fun. If you want to take it professionally, you need to learn the tricks and rules of playing it right now. You will learn it fast and appropriately if you follow the volleyball rules and regulations step-by-step. 

Here’s the deal before you know the rules

·         You need to have a team of six which should be a combination of three front row and three back row
·         You will need a libero player who is also called a back row player or a defensive specialist. To differentiate from the rest of the team, he or she can wear a different color jersey

The rules that one needs to be aware of

1.       The Court (Rule 1): To play the game of volleyball, you need to have the right court prescribed. Volleyball court measurement is not complex and one can easily set this up. The Width is 30 feet and the length is 60 feet. The net should measure 30 feet by 30 feet on each side. Cosco has some of the best quality volleyball nets that you can choose from. Once the ground is set, you are ready to attack your opponents. 

2.       The Game (Rule 2):A Volleyball game begins with a serve. There will be a server who does it from the end of the court as long as the feet of the server don’t cross the line. If we date back to the history of Volleyball, the ball when served shouldn’t touch the net and reach the opponent team. The catch is that it doesn’t matter anymore as long as the ball crosses the net. 

3.       The Attack (Rule 3):When answering the serve, you need to follow the sequence of the attack and that is a bump, set and spike. The sequence has been named differently now. It is known as pass, set and hit. One person cannot hit the ball twice in the sequence. If done, soon you will be out of the court.

4.       Change of Position(Rule 4):Every time, you get the ball back to your court, each of the team members has to rotate anti-clockwise. If this trick is not mastered, it can get really over the head and you won’t be fruitful enough for the team. Getting this right is absolutely important.

That’s not all

You need to know the scoring patternas well. Here’s how it work.

The game will be played up to 25 points which was initially 20. A team has to win two games out of three. The offender team will score on every miss by the defender or out of bounds hit while the defender team will score on every miss by the offender, out of bounds hit or if the serve hits the net.
All the upcoming volleyball players can learn the rules and be the master of the court in future.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Tips for Choosing a Basketball Pole Online

A strong foundation keeps your house strong and untouchable by any external force for long. In a similar way, if you don’t want to break any of the 206 bones in you, a good basketball pole is a must. Basketball fans will understand the pain one has to go through in dribbling the basketball to make it to the basket. What if the pole doesn’t support you? It can have many consequences that no one wants to face. It is imperative to have the best poles for basketball in terms of size, shape, type etc. There are three important tips that you can follow for getting the best one for your court. As online shopping has gotten more popular with the comfort level and best price taking over the market, we shall look into the online purchase tips.

Three Tips for choosing a basketball pole online

1.  The shape of the pole: As the pole comes in four typical shapes viz. rectangle, square, round and triangle. The most used ones are round and square. To choose one of the two depends on your use. Are you using the basketball equipment for home use or some professional training purpose? If it is for home and you don’t want to keep the budget strict, round poles can come handy. For professional use or for a ground that is used many players, the square pole will be more suitable as it is stronger and stiffer. However, the price will be on the higher side.

2.  The size of the pole: The size of the poles is another important aspect to consider while buying your much needed basketball pole online. While the size of the round pole can vary from 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter, the square pole 4x4 to 8x8. Bigger the size, more stable will be your basketball system as you need to consider the basketball board, basketball hoop etc. that go on the pole. You don’t want to pay less and get something that is less durable.
3.   Choose a Good Pole Pad:When a basketball player is close to the pole for his or her basket which is crucial for the team to win, safety also should be a priority. The poles can hurt and when it is a square one, the pain can be doubled. It is advisable that you have pole pads of superior quality so that no one is hurt.
As it is going to be an online purchase, do check the reviews by customers and specifications of the pole.

While you have considered the top three tips, one thing to always keep in mind is the type of pole. Never go for a pole that comes in several pieces and you need to join them to get one basketball pole. Cosco India and top brands of sports equipment recommend one piece pole for longer sustainability.

For basketball pole, you should never compromise on the price. The more you spend the better quality pole you get and that should be the motive. A game of basketball without a strong pole can be a spoiler. 

Basketball Hoop Buying Guide for the best purchase

It was unthinkable to have basketball hoop portable for the ease of movement. With the options of basketball hoops available, one has to note down many essential points without which buying the best hoop for your game of basketball can be compromised. Let us dig into those important aspects.

Your step by step guide to buying the best basketball hoop

Step 1 (Portable or static): Don’t be surprised because for the ease of movement from one place to another, one can buy a portable hoop. The portable ones are suitable for children and amateurs because the stability is not guaranteed. In-ground hoops are the best for those who play the game professionally. You also get wall mount option which can be stuck to any wall lying idle.

Step 2 (Rims): Have you ever seen a basketball player hanging on to the basket? He is holding the rim. Without a rim that is of superior quality, one can’t afford to do that. You get standard rims which were the first to come, then we got exposed spring breakaway rims and then enclosed spring breakaway springs. The most used ones are the second and the third types owing to their flexibility. However, you want it for a low price and regular shots, this one will suffice. Enclosed spring breakaway rims are used for high-end playing and in tournaments of a higher level.

Step 3 (Backboards): A basketball backboard is one of the most important parts while buying hoops. You will find them in acrylic, polycarbonate and tempered glass. While the acrylic one and the polycarbonate ones don’t promise flawless performance, tempered glass backboard is the one that you need. The former two won’t be a bad choice if you need it for your children to practice at home. Also, look for the sizes you want because the price depends on the size. Some of the best backboards of basketball are found in Cosco India website. You can have a look and make your choice. Here’s one for you to refer to.

Step 4 (Backboard support): Again, this element depends on your utility of the hoops. If it is for professional use, you need the best support and if for play on your home ground, you can go for the less expensive support.

Step 5 (Adjustment of the height): Well hoops need to be placed at the height just right for you. There are basketball hoops that can be adjusted and there are hoops that come at a standard height. With the hoop’s height, the basketball net is adjusted for being able to basket. There is no point buying a 10 feet height hoop that doesn’t allow your children to basket and get demotivated.

Whether you are willing to buy for your home or for your team who is going to play at the state or national level, this guide should be an eye opener so that you are not duped by retailers when you go to buy one of them. 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cosco Shareholders Cheer as Stock Prices Reach Massive High

Cosco recorded a huge increase in share prices for the fiscal year 2016 to 2017, and the company is on an upward trajectory due to several factors that work in its favour. 

In the uncertain market of today, here’s good news to cheer you up. Cosco, a domestic sports brand that an entire generation grew up with is still winning steady and creating new benchmarks. The last fiscal year turned out in favour of Cosco India Ltd (CIL). The company had a stellar run and recorded a whopping 186 percent increase in share prices. This is a tremendous achievement for the company when compared to the modest 16.7% return recorded by SENSEX during that particular period. 

If you’re an investor looking to make profitable tidings, it’s time to add a few Cosco shares to your portfolio as the future seems bright for CIL. The individual stock is currently valued at 307 INR on the BSE. The predicted valuation is 17.9x for the Fiscal Year 19. This makes it an ideal choice for investors who are looking for high-growth consumption products of India.

The increase in share prices of Cosco may be attributed to several factors. From a nation-wide increase in awareness of personal fitness levels to apt pricing strategies, there are several things that work in favour of Cosco. One of the biggest factors that impact the growth of CIL is that it belongs to the “TINA” category. There Is No Alternative brand and is currently the only one player that caters to the high-growth sports segment in India. 

Another significant factor is the pan-India presence of its products. With a strong distribution network, this Delhi-based sports good manufacturer, distributes products and equipment all over the country, making it a household name. While GST is bound to impact small unorganised players negatively, it’s sure to help Cosco gain more market share.

The Brand Value of CIL works to its advantage. From basketballs to tennis rackets, Cosco for decades has remained as a well-known sporting goods brand in the country. With a huge number of prestigious affiliations with both national and zonal level tournaments, Cosco has carved a niche for itself in the sporting fraternity. This is what makes the brand gain an edge over its competitors. 

Affordable pricing makes Cosco appeal to a broad segment of the industry. While people no longer want to compromise quality just to save a few bucks, the average Indian is still wary of luxury products. This makes Cosco an ideal choice for a vast majority. CIL combines quality with apt-pricing to make it the preferred option. Apart from sporting goods, the company has recently launched fitness equipment and accessories, thereby reaching to a wider customer base.
All these factors work to the advantage of CIL and have helped it record a massive increase in stock prices, bringing cheer to shareholders and investors.

About Cosco India Ltd

Established in 1980, the Delhi-based public limited company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of sports goods, fitness equipment and accessories in the country.